Who We Are?

Bro’event is a sport-oriented event agency that organizes and carries out the most important sport organizations in our country and that has the highest customer services standards within sector, beside serving the development of Turkish sport with its experienced staff. Bro’event, by believing that sport and entertainment inspire people with needed emotions and passions to enrich the lives of people and produce strong common experiences, designs sport activities in accordance with the intended population and communication strategy and implements in the field. Meanwhile, it puts its acquired knowledge, experience, difference, excitement and success into service of all brands and companies with which it collaborates.

Bro’event ensures that individuals and institutions that love sport come together and participate in sport activities, and with this purpose, it gives consultancy service about sport sponsorship and sport events as well as organizing special trainings and activities and carrying out them for agencies and institutes. We love what we do and the opportunity to touch the lives of people with the help of sport.

What Do We Do?

Organizing & Managing Sport Events

Sponsorship Management

Sport Communication

Rights Representation

Tournament and Contest Organizations

Intra and Inter-Institutions Sport Organizations Management and Consultancy



Contact Us

Bro Event Spor Organizasyonları Tic.Ltd.Şti.
Hüseyinağa Mahallesi İstiklal Caddesi
Grandpera Blok No:56-58/5
Beyoğlu – İstanbul T: +90 212 243 27 67