Bosphorus Cup

Created by ORG Sports in 2002, with the aim of introducing İstanbul to the world with sailing sport and making İstanbul community love sailing, Bosphorus Cup sailing contest is one of the most popular contests in Turkey. bro'event takes part in the planning and management processes of the event as the official partner of ORG [...]

Türkiye’nin En Hızlısı

The Fastest of Turkey (Türkiye’nin En Hızlısı) athletics contests among children, that is organized by the collaboration of ORG Sports and Bro’Event to find out the athletes of the future, is the best children event of Turkey with approximately 1,5 million participants.* * ACE of M.I.C.E 2017 Siteye GitVideo This error message is only visible [...]


F5WC, founded in 2013, is the biggest 5 to 5 football tournament of the world. Its international management is carried out by Sports Event International DMCC (“SET”). Turkey qualifications of this tournament, for which 32 countries from 6 continents establish their own league and organize qualifications that specify country champions, is carried out by bro'event. [...]