Adrenalin Sport Club

bro'event founded Adrenalin Sport Club in order to increase the adrenaline of orienteering sport in 2016. Adrenalin SK became the first civilian orienteering champion of Turkey in the season of 2016-2017. Our sportsmen participate in various world championships with the national team. Adrenalin Sport Club Orienteering is a nature sport that can be made on [...]

Zorb Soccer

ZORB Soccer is a kind of entertaining football game that the participants play traditional football after getting into a two-layer puffing ball. In Zorb Soccer, the important thing isn’t rivalry, but entertainment. • Teams may be constituted by both men and women. • There is no restriction for substitutions. • Ball is put on the [...]

Adrenalin Run Club

Adrenalin Run Club is a special running club that we come together with young people from universities and run together at specified times. We both enjoy the nature and pass the time in an entertaining manner with running in various forest and seaside roads that is planned beforehand. The purpose, in this group established with [...]

Nerf Turkey Championship

In this huge organization, in which the first NERF champions of Turkey were elected, great rewards were given after the Turkey final after the qualifications to which 8-14-year-old five thousand children from three big cities participated. NERF masters contested in 6 different racetracks during qualifications and 10 different racetracks during Turkey final. All NERF racetracks [...]


Fit – TSKB is a personnel motivation and life program that is prepared for Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası employees and still continues. The project, which began with healthy life seminnars and body measurements, continues with running activities that are held in different routes. Groups with different tempos are formed in accordance with the levels of [...]